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On the day of Halloween, the English Department collaborated with the Amazon STEM Centre in launching the ‘Hallo Spidey & Friends’ exhibition showcasing spiders, centipedes, snakes and scorpions to create a festive ambience on campus. Students got to read the information about these spooky creatures on the display boards and complete the quizzes so as to get their treats!

In order to enrich students’ knowledge on these festive creatures and nurture their reading habits, the English Department and Reading Promotional Team also launched the ‘Hallo Spidey & Friends’ Reading Fun Hunt in the school library on this special day. To get their treats, they have to read a text about spiders and complete the pop quiz on iPads with flying colours. They were highly engaged in the Reading Fun Hunt and excited about becoming spider experts! We look forward to other cross-curriculum English activities in the near future. Stay tuned!