English Department held a writing competition for F.1 to F.5 in April. There were different writing topics assigned to each form. The selection criteria included language, style, organization and originality. The best few entries from each class in the form were sent to the judges for their judgment. Each winner was awarded a certificate and a book coupon. After the judgment from the honourable judges, Mr Kam, Mr Yung and Mr Dane, the results are as follows:


  Champion 1st runner-up 2nd runner-up
F.1 1A (3) Chan Sui Cheong 1A (1) Chan Cheuk Hei 1B (15) Ng Ho Wang
F.2 2A (10) Leung Chi Wa 2A (5) Hong Ka Wai 2C (1) Chan Chak Lam
F.3 3A (22) Chow Chan Lam 3B (17) Lyu Yuan Zhi 3B (27) Wong Yee Chun
F.4 4B (17) Lee Hoi Yan 4B (27) Sin Wing Ka 4B (28) Tong Chun Tak
F.5 5B (12) Lam Yu Mei 5A (32) Wong King Yu 5A (30) Wong Cheuk Man


Congratulations to all of the winners above!